Cat's Cradle Collective
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about us

The Cat’s Cradle Collective takes its name from one of the oldest games in recorded human history - the cat’s cradle. Using simply one string — alone, in pairs, or in groups — across times and cultures, humans have created figures, invented stories, and let their imagination soar. As a collective, we aim to create performances based on that sense of intimacy, timelessness, playfulness and freedom of imagination, across players and audiences alike.



APRIL 2019

António Sá-Dantas — Maze of dripping Sirens
A library, magical space of collection of ideas, is scattered with musicians, that through music call to each other and to the audience, making it’s maze-like paths eco the sounds, inviting everyone to re-discover its stories.

Part of Royal College of Music’s Great Exhibitionists Series.
Music Library, RCM London, April 2019.

Connor D’Netto/Matt Lomax — Non Place
Everyday spaces... In motion/transit/stasis... Ambivalent... Without belonging... Non-Place examines our relationships to familiar spaces, identity and anonymity in modern society, in an immersive night of contemporary dance fusing music, movement, visuals and technology.

Part of Royal College of Music’s Great Exhibitionists Series.
Britten Theatre, RCM London, April 2019.